Irrigation is one of the keys to a beautiful landscape. It delivers the proper amount of water to the appropriate location, at the best time at a low cost. Obviously this is not a simple task. At Landscapes USA we have the experts to analyze and adjust your irrigation system for optimum performance.  Beautiful turf and plants are the visual result of a properly functioning irrigation system.

We know how to water
  • System Recommendations
  • Maintenance
  • Healthy Plants
  • Lower water bills
  • Renovation

What our clients say...

I would highly recommend Landscapes USA and Brian Hopper for any commercial landscaping needs. They are very professional and quick to respond to any requests. We often have important visitors to our property and want to make an extra good impression. Brian takes my panic in stride and makes it all happen. He and his team have an amazing "can do" attitude and are always positive and upbeat. When I drive in the next morning the work is complete and everything is immaculate. I have seen the Landscapes USA crew working in pouring rain to get a job done.

Sandi Leech, Property Manager
PM Reality Group
Oklahoma City, OK